Highline and The Hythe

We have recently teamed up with The Hythe hotel in Vail for a season long feature of our art in their gallery. If you happen to be in the neighborhood then please stop in to take a look at (and buy!) some of our pieces on display. Please feel free to reach out and we would be happy to meet you there as well!

Vail Mountain

3D topographic map of Vail Mountain in Walnut Veneer (96″ x 60″)

The Hythe

Come and see our art on display at the Hythe!


High gloss painted ‘flow’ piece (60″ x 36″)     


Painted ‘flow’ piece (60″ x 30″)


Solid Walnut (48″ x 30″) – Prima and Pronto are a symmetrical pair of walnut pieces


Solid White Walnut (48″ x 30″) – the second piece in the symmetrical pair


Painted ‘flow’ piece (48″ x 24″)


High gloss laminated Baltic birch plywood (~82″ x 43″ max)

Other Portfolio

Keep an eye on Instagram for our latest works in progress.

How Our Design Process Works

Our design, manufacture and installation processes are tailored to building a unique piece of art or furniture for your space


From your initial consultation through to full renderings of the final piece, we will work with you to choose the right materials and ensure that your artwork is truly bespoke and perfect for your space.

CNC Cutting

Once the design is finalized, the magic happens on the CNC machine. We work meticulously to optimize cutting layouts and minimize any material wastage. For solid woods this can entail loading each piece of wood into the machine individually!


Based on material and finish choices we will sand and prep each individual section of wood before either painting, waxing or lacquering to bring out the full effect of the material.


Depending on the size of the final piece we can either schedule an in home install or have a fully assembled piece delivered to your home complete with a french cleat and ready to hang yourself.

Our Pricing Model

Our pricing model factors in many design elements such as size, materials, design, finish etc and so trying to give an accurate idea of pricing online is particularly challenging.

With our fully integrated consultation and design process, we are confident that we can meet most budgets whether it is $1,000 or $10,000,000!

Give us a call and we can walk you through all of the different options.


A truly bespoke piece requires hours of consultation with the client and days in front of the computer to get it just right. Typically our off-the-shelf designs are priced lower than a fully customized design.


The bigger the piece the more material required and the more expensive the final piece. However, we can work with material choice, thickness and spacing to optimize based on budget and design.


We have made pieces from a variety of materials, from painted MDF to high-quality plywood to reclaimed solid walnut flooring. We work to minimize the material required and scour our network for the best lumber prices available.


There are plenty of different finishes to choose from. These can range from a simple wax finish to a high-gloss painted lacquer and can be material dependent.

about Us

Highline Wood Art was built out of a passion for creating unique and modern art pieces, initially for our own home.

We started our adventure in 2019 after we finished building our new home in Wildridge and struggled to find large pieces of artwork that would complement our style and work in our very modern space. As a pair of engineers we set about building out own CNC machine and adapting some designs we found on Etsy to create some pieces that were unique to the spaces in our home.

What began as a family hobby has developed into a passion for designing and creating bespoke art and furniture.

When we aren’t in our garage workshop building the next piece of art or testing out new design ideas on the computer, we are out on the hill enjoying everything this valley has to offer.

The Team


Co-Designer and Professional Supervisor


Co-Designer, Engineer, Painter, Installer, Receptionist, Web Designer, Maintenance Manager, Tea Maker


Mogul Skier and Part Time Designer

Gus the Dog

Head of Security