Frequently asked questions

How Much do your pieces cost

Pieces can range anywhere from around $1,500 to upwards of $15,000 depending on design, size, materials and finish. We can generally accommodate most reasonable budgets so give us a call if you are at all interested and want to find out more.

See our Pricing Examples page for an idea of pricing

What size are your pieces

There is no limitation on how wide we can build pieces but we are limited to about 84″ in height for a standard design. In theory we could probably double the height if we were working in MDF but we would want to try some prototyping  before we would commit to a design of this size.

For a standard self install piece we wouldn’t recommend anything bigger than ~9sqf due to the weight of material. For pieces larger than this we would prefer to mount the backing plate to the wall studs ourselves and do the  final assembly on site. For large pieces the weight can easily exceed 200lbs and are unwieldy if shipped pre-assembled. We are in the process of testing some new self assembly designs so please don’t hesitate to contact us  if you are outside our normal installation area.

Accordion How long does it take to build a piece?

Typical lead times are 2-8 weeks from design to manufacture. For some of our off the shelf designs using locally available materials (e.g. painted MDF) we can usually turn it around in 1-2 weeks  if required.

Typically it will take 2-4 weeks to finalize the design for a completely bespoke piece with a full set of rendered drawings.</p>

Once the design has been approved the materials will be ordered and delivery depends on availability from our suppliers – generally for standard material selections this will be no longer than a week.</p>

Cutting and finishing time can be anywhere from 1 – 4 weeks depending on size, complexity and finishing.

What Materials can you use?

For art pieces we can use just about any wood material that you can think of! We have worked with everything from MDF to plywood to leftover walnut flooring. We would love to try a piece from reclaimed and refinished flooring  to upcycle your old wood floors…

For furniture the options tend to be a little more limited. Typically we would recommend using materials that can be purchased in large sheets (think 8×4 plywood) to optimize the number of pieces that can be cut from each sheet.

We would love to try a small coffee table cut from a glued up piece of solid wood if you are interested though…

Where do you install?

Installation anywhere in Eagle County Colorado is included in the price of the artwork.

For installation outside of Eagle County please contact us and we can arrange installation for a small fee.