Pricing Examples

While quoting detailed priced breakdowns for our work is challenging, we have included some sample pricing on pieces we have already produced to give you an idea of price point and range


This spectacular piece was built as a commission and is currently installed in the customer’s home.

It is constructed from 77 individual pieces of 3/4″ reclaimed walnut flooring spaced at tight 1/2″ intervals and finished with a simple clear lacquer to bring out the beautiful walnut grain.

Price ~$12,500 – $15,000

Note: Pricing is dependent on material costs and availability

37.5″ X 37.5″ PAINTED MDF

This piece is currently installed in the Vintage Magnolia store in Edwards, CO.

It is constructed from 37 individual pieces of 1/2″ MDF spaced at 1/2″ intervals to create the flowing effect. The MDF has been painted using a dark grey finish with an egg shell sheen.

This is one of our standard designs and this is reflected in the pricing

Price $1,850


This piece is in a clients home in Avon, CO

27 individual pieces of 3/4″ white oak plywood make the base for this coffee table. It has been finished with a simple wax finish to bring out the laminations in the plywood and the overall oak effect.

The table has been finished off with a 59″x32″ tempered glass top but would look equally stunning with a 40″ round table top.

Price ~$2,000 – $3,500

Note: Pricing is dependent on glass and finish options